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The new album, FEVER BRAIN BATTERY, is out now!! (CDBaby | iTunes) Nearly an hour of more mind-bending, grooving, color-filled frightscapes from Delirium Dog. Join DD on Facebook and follow his blog for the latest news.

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A danceable soundtrack to your most colorful nightmare.

Delirium Dog's first CD, The Scarehouse, is nearly a full hour of mind-bending music and pulsating frightscapes! Includes the hit song "STAY."

You can get it at CDBABY and iTunes, and many other purveyors of fine music.

Originally created for The Scarehouse®, one of best haunted attractions in America, this music is scary yet sexy, dangerous and danceable, and definitely rocking! The brain child of songwriter, composer, and sound effects artist Glenn Ricci, many have said Delirium Dog's music would be more at home in a dance club than a haunted house.

This music had been featured prominently in the Delirium 3-D attraction, a heavily-viewed series of Telly-award winning trailers and videos for The ScareHouse®, promotional materials for The Haunted House Association, and in the Travel Channel program: “America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions 3.”

Delirium Dog's music is too good to keep locked up inside The Scarehouse® in Pittsburgh, PA. It deserves to stand alone as it's own dark work of art. Now, you too can crank up the delirious atmosphere and dance scared all year round.