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Bio: Glenn Ricci


Genre-hopping singer/songwriter, composer, and sound effects artist Glenn Ricci now lives in Baltimore after becoming a veteran of the Pittsburgh and DC music scenes. His first solo indie rock album, Lunatic Dog: 70 West, contains a patchwork of all the sounds in rock music that fed and inspired Glenn over the years (though disentangling them could prove challenging). His recent releases as Delirium Dog, FEVER BRAIN BATTERY and The Scarehouse takes listeners on a different journey entirely with danceable beats and a dark-but-colorful electronic/industrial sound.

[FEVER BRAIN BATTERY Album Info Onesheet]

At a young age, Glenn would spend late hours holed up in his bedroom, headphones on, tweaking recordings on his 4-track. He'd record songs, soundscapes, noises, anything to feed his endless fascination with sound.

Glenn cut his musical teeth in high school cover bands picking up sounds and ideas from classic tracks (Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd) to the modern rock of the time (Talking Heads, R.E.M., U2). Moving from bass and vocals, Glenn picked up the guitar and, after learning a few chords, quickly caught the songwriting bug. Growing up middle class and dyslexic in the Pittsburgh suburbs, Glenn dug deep into his internal world for musical inspiration.

Over the years, he honed his talent, finding himself inspired by the likes of Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, and Frank Black (to name a few) for their inventive approach to song form and smart lyrics. The Grunge movement of the early 90's gave Glenn's music a certain edge, and hearing They Might Be Giants at around the same time gave him permission to explore his trademark wit. In addition, his curious ear led him to jazz, electronica, all things "indie," and anyone who could make cool sounds with found objects.

Having worked his way through several bands in both the Pittsburgh and Washington DC areas, Glenn has produced a number of albums and recorded over 50 original compositions. Now in Baltimore, Lunatic Dog and Delirium Dog are his most recent solo (i.e. "bandless") projects. Getting away from band work allowed Glenn to experiment with a wider palate of electronics, samples, and loops in addition to the good old guitar noise he grew up with.

Glenn enlisted his wife Ursula for her considerable vocal talents on 70 West an 11-track odyssey galvanized by their many road trips together. Ursula also appears on the hit song "Stay" and other tracks on The Scarehouse an album of music written for the haunted attraction of the same name in Pittsburgh, PA. FEVER BRAIN BATTERY contains some of Ursula's most stirring ("Awaken") and powerful ("Absinthe Cola") vocal work yet.

A true post-industrial labor of love, FEVER BRAIN BATTERY sits Glenn's music squarely between the aggressive edge of Nine Inch Nails and the sonic exploration of Amon Tobin.

Contact: dd(at)lunaticdog(dot)com




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